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100 years of fine wine production

...of organic Chianti Classico


After decades of abuse in the use of pesticides that represent a real risk to health and a drying up of the earth, some companies have finally embarked on the organic path.
Since 2008, with courage, foresight and above all respect for the land, at Casa al Vento we have decided to bring all the vineyards and olive trees back to organic.

Our labels "Aria", "Foho", "T'Amo", "Alliaria", "Ros'Aria" are messengers of the strong identity of our territory.
It is a pleasure for us to make our wines known and tasted to experts, enthusiasts and simply curious


The wine at Casa al Vento is passion, love and tradition. Respect for the land and its fruits has invoked the choice of organic products and the quality to be savored.

Our vineyards gently slope down into the hills and, combined with the expert hands of those who care for them, give rise to a wine that is as pure, full and full-bodied as the place from which it is born.

It is possible to easily buy our products on our website and receive them directly to your home.

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